Identifying, hiring, and helping develop the best candidates is the goal of every Human Resources department.  Candidates that become employees who are fully engaged with your organization make a big difference.  These are the employees that go beyond the ordinary and not only do the job, but do it right.  These are the people who are the most valuable asset to any organization—the ones who increase profitability in ways big and small.
But how do you build a strategy that will actually be effective finding, recruiting, and retaining employees like that?
We wanted to share a few thought-starters around that very goal and explore:


Embrace Innovation

Technology has changed everything, and continues to do so. If your HR department isn’t taking advantage of the time-saving and organization advantages of today’s innovative tech, you are simply going to fall behind the competition.  There are Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions—sometimes called Document Management Systems—that can transform the work of your HR department by:

  • Ensuring access to important data when it is needed, without cumbersome search
  • Increased compliance and on-boarding efforts with less work due to automated workflows
  • Eliminating manual, paper-based processes which allows every other department to focus on their people—not laborious processes

Know Your Business

It’s smart for you as an HR professional to know and understand the goals of each department in your organization. It will be your job to support their compliance initiatives, so understanding their systems will be vital to that support.  When you take an active role in ensuring that departments and their systems work together, you can then focus on refining the skills of the people, processes, and systems to work better together.

Keep Learning

Training for the organization starts with HR—your department.  And it is also up to you to ensure that your training offers a true value-add to the company.  The right technology will work with existing company systems—not only payroll, but talent management and HRMS applications as well.

  • Core systems like SAP® or Oracle PeopleSoft®
  • Cloud-based systems such as Workday® and collaboration in systems like Salesforce Chatter®

That means HR can construct training with an integrated approach that can benefit every department.

Protect Assets

  • Security is key to preventing confidential information from being leaked, and today’s technology allows encryption and permission-based access to sensitive information. And automated reminders and workflows ensure that critical documents are signed, that important dates are remembered, and that employees feel they are working for an organization that values THEIR most valuable asset—their time.
  • Litigation can be avoided with proper protocols in place that are enforced automatically with technological processes

Create a Positive Environment

  • Yes, that elusive feeling of positivity in the air and attitudes of employees. It’s hard to define—but you know when you have it, and when you don’t.  Helping employees feel that their work is meaningful is a big part of employee satisfaction, and the more you can eliminate tedious, repetitive, non-thinking activities the better.
  • Today’s technology can help you save time, improve efficiency, spot potential problems before they occur, and protect your employees and the business itself from harm.

Imagine a technology solution for Human Resources that employees and employers will both love.

5i Solutions Document Management Solutions offer one single point of intake, access, and storage.  And we take security very seriously.  Your vital data can be secured in our Cloud Vault, through our hosting service, or on-premise at your location.


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