There is something about Halloween that captures the imagination.  


Children, obviously, are enamored of Halloween, and it’s not just the free candy, but rather more the idea of being scared that causes a delightful frisson in a young one’s heart.  Parents who are concerned about children finding Halloween too frightening should take heart in a University of Texas study indicating that Halloween isn’t so much actually scary to young children as it is beneficial.  It seems that kids– even young children—have no problem differentiating fantasy from reality.

For some reason, though, adults who are of a, shall we say… more technical orientation love Halloween as well.  And what fires their imagination is sometimes more so on the ‘trick’ that the ‘treat’ side of the equation.  

For evidence, look farther than the 20 year mystery of the pumpkin placed on October 8th, 1997 at the top of the 173 foot tall McGraw Tower at Cornell University.  Students and faculty at the tech-leaning Cornell were puzzled then and are still puzzled today as to the provenance and precise-placement of the festive gourd onto the spire’s elevated height—helicopter?  Hot-air balloon?  Spiderman?  One can imagine those asked about the task might have been accomplished replying in a similar vein as Jimmy Buffett– about his ‘brand new tattoo–’ in the song “Margaritaville”:

“How it got here, I haven’t a clue!”




Technology company Windstream created an infographic showing ways that technology may affect the future of Halloween celebrations, with virtual reality haunted houses and 3-D printing of Halloween props from home—saving a trip to the Halloween store.

Yahoo! Tech even has a piece on technology advancements that could be used by paranormal investigators—‘ghost busters,’ if you will—that includes audio recorders, thermal imaging devices, and camera that record the full spectrum in order to capture an image of spooky presences.











Siri, Alexa, and ‘Smart Home’ motion sensing devices could already be used to help create haunted house effects.  Automation Control4 imagines the future of haunted houses in their “Scared Haunt,”  which is a haunted house with automation controlling everything from fog machines, fountains of blood, audio, lighting, and more.  

And of course high-tech Halloween costumes will be all the rage, as evidenced by Popular Mechanics as they feature, 13 (what else!) of the most-techy costumes—including an LED jellyfish costume.  Create this and you’ll have no worries about someone else sporting the same get-up at your Halloween party!










Even such venerable institutions as NBC gets into the ‘Tech or Treat’ spirit by featuring quirky Halloween gadgets—including this “Psycho” type shower curtain, with music and screams triggered by both sound and motion.  It’s sure to entertain, and to ensure water savings from the shortened shower times of your guests.


Protect Your Data

Halloween is fun, and most people enjoy being frightened by make-believe.  But real fright in the real world is something entirely different.

And when it comes to the idea of losing your important data, that’s truly scary and not fun at all.

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