We Tame the Hoard

Are you a (data) hoarder?

Most of us are. We save things “just in case” in that old network folder system – and it keeps us from knowing what we have, where it is, and if it’s useful. Think of all that time spent recreating the wheel because a document is missing, or looking for information you’re sure is there, somewhere.

…a place (or automated workflow) for everything, and everything in its place…

We’re the team with the expertise to tame your hoard: we turn your collection of “stuff” into a system that works. Duplicates, obsolete data, and inefficient processes go in the recycling bin, replaced by a system that’s easy to navigate and maintain. From finally getting those documents scanned in, to creating dashboards for compliance auditing or litigation discovery: we know how to prioritize, digitize, and organize.

From File Cabinets to the Cloud

5i has its roots back in 1990 – right around the time Rick Astley was Never Gonna Give You Up for the first time, gas was still $0.97 a gallon, and dial-up was making those beepbeepbeep-eeeeee-shhhh-chiirrrrpppp noises.

Fast-forward more than 25 years, and we’ve seen it all: from page-by-page scanning, to data extraction, to technology that submits a live contract to your boss so she can sign it from her smartphone. We’ve even been to the Cloud, and things look pretty sophisticated and extremely secure up there.

5i still moves clients’ files from their archive rooms straight onto their networks – we just do it in a fraction of the time. And we’re always looking for more Innovative Ideas for Intelligent Interaction of Information.


More Than a Plug & Play Vendor

So why work with us?

After all, there are a LOT of products out there, and they’re often advertised as solo solutions to most problems. But we know you’re different than “most”. Your business faces unique challenges, and we’re here to help with a toolkit that continues to evolve with the best technology out there. Finding the right fit is the difference between a trip to The Container Store and working with the A&E Hoarders’ team of professional organizers. At 5i you have our full attention. Our mission is to discover your particular needs and craft a solution that best meets them. We have tools that can integrate with what you already have and solutions that can stand alone to help your business grow and become more efficient. We’ll support you from conceptualization, to installation, and beyond.

We assess, customize, and think out side the box. Or, to extend the metaphor – we build a better box especially for you.

Want to know more about what we do?

Check out our solutions and how they can bring you more Innovative Ideas for Intelligent Interaction with your Information.


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