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Does your Chicago business have an efficient solution for all of your document management needs?

5i Solutions, Inc. provides the ideal solution for managing your company’s documentation called M-Files QMS. M-Files QMS is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that offers a unique and new notion for conducting clinical trials while monitoring large amounts of documentation.

As an effective and easy-to-use platform, M-Files provides more than just a trial-related warehouse for documents. This system takes care of several trial-related processes and databases through linking them together in an organized manner, and consistently stays updated as future demands evolve.

With specific features to help make managing all of your important documentation easier, our system will ensure accuracy and the ability to quickly find documents. The capabilities of M-Files Dynamic Views, along with M-Files Reporting, offer essential overviews of trial-related tasks. M-Files Calendar is perfect for keeping track of all meetings and deadlines, as well as covering all scheduling necessities.

A major benefit to our system is that it can be altered without any programming, and does not break the 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. In addition, you can save your documents right in M-Files, and your files will be organized appropriately upon saving. M-Files tracks all of your document trails so it is quick and easy for your staff to find an important file. An added bonus is the ability to electronically sign documents, making it way less expensive and way more valuable than having to use a third-party software.

Let 5i Solutions, Inc. help your Chicago company see more productivity and less costly expenses with our M-Files QMS document management system.

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