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5i Solutions, Inc. offers a valuable and effective solution for your business’s e-discovery and document review needs within the Chicago area.

XERA enhances the efficiency and productivity of your employees in regard to legal analysis and investigation. Established to study how one uses the internet, his or her smartphone and/or his or her tablet, XERA was created in HTML5.

This platform provides an increase in accuracy, along with maximized performance. The Advanced Analytics of XERA offers many benefits for legal departments in regard to the review process, including a decrease in search time, lowered expenses for review, and better quality. In addition, the ability to continue to monitor the status of review is available to make sure that all deadlines are met and all budgets are kept.

It is acceptable to say that keyword reporting is an essential feature of all document review, no matter the time when it is used during the process. It is also important to understand what existing keywords are in your data set – and being able to retrieve this information as quickly and as efficiently as possible is key to successful document review.

One component of the XERA platform, iVIEW increases your data’s value by uncovering significant aspects regarding your data, examining your coding, and batching your review activity to measure the statuses of all of your projects.

An added benefit is the ability to review Comments, Tasks and Messages from your staff to quickly discover project statuses. And, finally, you are able to increase native files and image review through the use of dual monitors.

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