Cincinnati Document Scanning

Employers and employees in Cincinnati have enough on their plates in regard to their daily business responsibilities to spend wasted time probing for critical company documents.

Backing up your company’s paperwork is also extremely important, and many companies do not have an efficient system for this.

5i Solutions, Inc. will help solve all of your documentation hassles and inconveniences through introducing modern, successful document scanning solutions.

We provide more than just a simple CD. In fact, we supply:

  • Pinpoint fundamental information
  • Define images
  • Establish back-up copies of all paperwork
  • Allow for searches of complete paperwork collections
  • Keyword searches through Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Retrieval time decreased
  • Send documents through email
  • Use of electronic documents decreases storage conditions
  • Printing means
  • Introduce a Load File Direct to a Content Management System

Society is becoming more and more “paperless” nowadays, and it is important that your Cincinnati business doesn’t remain stuck in the last century. With 5i Solutions, Inc.’s assistance, your company’s document management will become much more organized and advanced.

With an efficient and easy-to-use document scanning system, you will be see beneficial results for your business – saving you both time and money.

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