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As part of our Naples E-Discovery Services, 5i Solutions, Inc. presents the platform XERA which assists in increasing efficiency and consolidating workflows for legal review and collaborative examinations. With the ability to review how one uses the internet, a smartphone and/or a tablet device, this platform serves to improve certainty and increase productivity.

Through delivering familiar technology in a neat and organized fashion, XERA decreases search time, boosts quality and value, and helps to reduce review costs. This platform provides legal teams with the Advanced Analytics feature, comprised of beneficial tools used for analytical review including the ability to supervise review status to guarantee budgets and deadlines are met accordingly.

Why 5i Solutions and E-Discovery?

The key to an accurate and successful document review strategy is being able to quickly attain already existing, agreed-upon terms in your data set, also known as keyword reporting. 5i Solutions, Inc. offers iVIEW, a noteworthy component of XERA to better assist with document management processes. iVIEW allows one to detect leading facts about your company’s data, analyze coding and group review activity.

XERA provides a company with a variety of aspects that prove to be useful and valuable in increasing productivity and efficiency. One of these aspects is the ability to maintain accuracy through the use of coding groups and the administration of data entry within key fields. Another significant aspect of this platform is the use of Comments, Tasks and Messages which allow team members to communicate and immediately establish the status of company projects. An added benefit is the capacity to enhance native file and image review through dual monitor use.

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