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Included in 5i Solutions, Inc. document management services within the Fort Lauderdale area is our M-Files QMS, which is the metadata-driven, regulatory accommodating Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Providing a compelling, easy-to-use database, M-Files QMS assists with site qualification, usefulness studies and quick commencement of new trials already utilizing previously created sites.

Offering an archive for essential trial documents as well as all working documents in one single system, M-Files QMS separates documents into correct areas once saved, and helps make it a more efficient process to find the documents in the correct areas later on.

M-Files differs from a variety of other trial-related document structures in that it allows applicable review work to be done within the system starting from the first draft. One benefit of this aspect is that you are able to view the entire audit trail from the first draft to the finished product. Another major benefit is that by saving to the M-Files’ M: drive saves more time and energy (plus is much more efficient) than using the “My Documents” folder.

Benefits of 5i Solutions Document Management Services

To further the efficiency and ease of utilizing M-Files QMS, the system grants the ability to settle all trial documents with digital signatures, minimizing the costs for the use of third-party software company that is typically needed for signature finalization.

M-Files QMS offers a wide range of beneficial features, including M-Files Dynamic Views and M-Files Reporting for an outlook on your trial overview, as well as an M-Calendar for scheduling purposes.

With the ability to tailor M-Files QMS without any programming, our system offers valuable features and aspects to increase your Fort Lauderdale business’s productivity while minimizing overall costs.

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