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5i Solutions, Inc. offers the platform XERA, which represents the progression of online hosted review platforms that improve efficiency and consolidate workflows for legal review and collaborative investigations. XERA is designed by studying your use of the web, along with the use of your smartphones and tablets to deliver recognizable technology in a polished and refined way. Formed in HTML5, this platform is an extensive litigation review and production solution created for the purposes of greater certainty and productivity.

We offer XERA as part of our e-discovery services in the Fort Lauderdale area in order to assist businesses with decreasing search time and increasing quality while reducing overall review costs. XERA presents an exclusive set of graphing and analytic tools to monitor your company’s review status to assure that all budgets and deadlines are completed on time.

Because of this platform’s Advanced Analytics, businesses within the Fort Lauderdale area can grant legal teams the capability to execute analysis smoothly and directly within the review tool itself. The Advanced Analytics allow for early case assessment through the analysis and comprehension of document collection.

Benefits of 5i Solutions E-Discovery Solutions

Two core benefits of XERA include Keyword Reporting and the iVIEW feature.

Keyword Reporting is a crucial part of any document review. With XERA, Keyword Reporting assists in determining which agreed-upon conditions previously exist in your business’s data set, with the added bonus in retrieving these details as quickly and as accurately as possible.

iVIEW, simply put, enhances your data value by exhibiting your data and strengthening your review workflow. iVIEW pushes your analytical review beyond the conventional searches and aspects.

Let 5i Solutions, Inc. assist you with all of your e-discovery needs for your Fort Lauderdale business with our remarkable XERA services and offerings.

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