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When your Fort Lauderdale business is facing litigation, or a discovery request, this may send your employee into a panic trying to get all of the documentation together. Business organizations require an efficient and productive way to find and collect all electronic documents associated with the litigation case, in order to prepare the best plan of action for litigation.

It is vital to fully understand your data in its entirety when litigation is possible. Completing a full evaluation of all of your documentation that can possibly be assessed as evidence is essential in helping your company make and meet deadlines, forecast expenses, determine risks, and retain a better grasp on your exposure in general.

We are able to provide an early assessment service, 5i Solutions, Inc.’s Early Evidence Assessment, which enables a company’s legal division to:

  • Plan a fitting approach when litigation cannot be avoided
  • Have defense for your decision-making on important cases
  • Classify hurdles or accelerators when coming to an agreement
  • Make sure that your data is accurately stored in accordance with the hold procedures for litigation
  • Predict your exposure, as well as predict the range of your analysis and discovery

Our Early Evidence Assessment Service is a simple and easy-to-understand process that will greatly benefit your company if you are facing litigation.

We begin by examining your live data from five different custodians. We then work with your team to generate the best representative sample of your entire data collection. 5i Solutions, Inc. will supply you with instructions on how to collect this data, and we will administer a hard drive to make for easy transport.

5i’s Discovery Management Team will then execute an analysis of all documents received, and will meet with you to go over the findings of the analysis. Both quantitative and qualitative data will be included in this report, which will aid and support in your decision-making processes for your Fort Lauderdale company.

The unique quantitative evaluation will include:

  • A mapping of the curators, along with their communication patterns, called an Evidence Network Analysis
  • The number of documents and mentions per document shown in a Search Term Analysis
  • All emails and the allotment with attachments
  • Classification by file type and total amount of components
  • Email storage trends both before and after the litigation hold

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