For any municipal government, there is an important question:

How long does it take you to serve your constituents?

True story:  a young voter got married and needed to update her voter registration card. In her local jurisdiction, the process was to complete a downloadable form, then turn that in to town hall for processing.  The processing involved meant scanning the paper form, then adding it to her account.

This is already five steps:  download form; complete form; turn in form; scan form; attach to constituent account.  And what’s more, what was electronic data got turned to paper, was manually filled out, then that completed paper got turned BACK into electronic data.

Not the best use of time!  Then, after her form finally made it through the que, the young lady found a typo in her new name on her new voter registration card.  And the whole process started all over again.

There is a better way.  It’s available today.  And it costs a lot less than you might think!  If you’re tired of chasing documents and all the wasted time and effort that goes along with it, the solution is in the cloud.

Cloud computing means the same resources available to the largest municipalities can be available to you, efficiently and effectively:

  • 5i-solutions-data-document-management_29Cloud software saves money. Your office can be ‘thin’ because the actual resources are not stored locally
  • Flow, storage, and interaction between the public and multiple departments is made simple by the cloud, and saves on people hours
  • Retention of key documents is easy and nearly unlimited, yet accessing any information—or any piece of information—is made instant with Cloud Document Management solutions. No more lost documents, delays in processing, or wasted search time.


If you’re ready to really dig and do your homework in regards to Cloud Document Management Solutions, congratulations!  Here are some simple steps you can take to help you along the way—the “1,2,3” of preparing for Cloud Document Management Solutions:

  1. Interview – interview your department heads
    • What are your critical documents?
    • How often do you exchange with other ddepartments?
    • What are your retention policies?
    • What are your most mission critical functions?
  2. Prioritize – Based on your interviews, prioritize the document process and the most important tasks to accomplish. Keep in mind vital compliance issues:  which documents require special processing such as signature retention and identification protection?  Which documents cannot be replaced should there be a disaster?
  3. Plan – create a project plan to tackle the implementation of Cloud Document Management.
    • How will current ‘hard’ documents be prioritized and scanned to enter into the system?
      1. Who will do the scanning?
      2. Timeline for accomplishing?
    • What process will be automated via Cloud Document Management going forward?


This does NOT need to be done all at once.  It’s an on-going, not ‘now or never’ process!  So work in stages.  You can convert the accumulated hard documents first, certainly.  But perhaps a more efficient process is to first install the processes for all electronic data from that day forward.  Then you accumulate no more ‘backlog’ and can put the conversion of hard documents on a non-critical timeframe.

And the options for gathering data can be revolutionary.  No more scan and manual index.  Instead, electronic storage and indexing allows images, text and more to be accessed instantly from your secure cloud storage.  Duplicates are eliminated.  From start to finish, you can gather data, utilize data, and store data by all electronic means—with no resources devoted locally to storage!

  • Forms can be created electronically via kiosk, tablet, or computer terminals
  • Digital pens can be used to turn handwriting into digital ‘smart data’ automatically—including signatures!
  • Workflow and approval processes can be automated with recording of sign-off all along the way

Cloud storage means your IT department doesn’t need to set up extensive local infrastructure

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Cloud Document Management offers:

  • Low startup costs
  • Low monthly costs
  • No added IT infrastructure
  • Scalability to grow when needed
  • Regulation compliant
  • Redundant/Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery


Your documents:

  1. How much is already in electronic form?
  2. How much is still in paper needing to be digitized.
    • Where are your paper forms stored?
    • In what format do they exist?
    • Are sizes mixed? Are there plats and drawings?
    • Is the paper stock potentially fragile?
    • Is there color and/or highlighting that needs to be preserved?
    • Does EVERYTHING need to be digitized? If not—identify what must be.
    • Establish retention periods on the new electronic versions (if less than a year—probably not worth the conversion to digital)
    • Do you have the staff to search, retrieve, scan and tag all these documents, or should you outsource all or part of the process?

Your new system:

  • What workflow process needs to happen with the new electronic documents/information?
  • What workflows can be automated?
  • How will your municipality’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan change with Cloud Document Management?
  • Do you need in place? If yes, is it compliant?
  • How many users will access the system?
  • What restrictions need to be in place for permissions?
  • What vendor support exists in regards to training and on-boarding?
  • What can you expect regarding support (upgrades, maintenance, general questions)?
  • Can you tell me just once more—where exactly is my data stored?!

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