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XERA, presented by 5i Solutions, Inc. and offered to businesses within the Indianapolis area, is an E-Discovery service that offers an efficient and profitable solution for all of your company’s e-discovery demands. This platform takes into account your usage of the web, smartphone and tablet devices in order to enhance efficiency and organize workflows for legal review and analysis.

Created in HTML5, the platform provides legal teams to conduct analysis within the review tool itself through the use of XERA Advanced Analytics. This will greatly assist your Indianapolis business in minimizing search time, raising quality and reducing review expenses. XERA Advanced Analytics allows you to oversee the review status to make sure budgets and deadlines are kept.

A crucial factor to all document review is keyword reporting. Knowing and comprehending which terms already exist in your data set, and being able to find these terms fast is significant for successful document review.

The XERA platform includes iVIEW, a valuable feature that detects significant facts about your data, reviews coding and aids in efficiently measuring project status. iVIEW’s exclusive graphing tools help to reveal your data and consolidate your review workflow.

Why 5i E-Discovery Services?

XERA provides an added value to your company’s document review and e-discovery processes with a range of beneficial features. This platform allows you to establish review accuracy through the use of coding groups and the application of data entry in specific fields. With useful components like Comments, Tasks and Messages, team members are able to promptly track project statuses. XERA also gives you the ability to rapidly code all similar documents with the same classification for valid review.

Increase your company’s productivity and decrease overall costs with XERA through 5i Solutions, Inc.

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