First of all, a definition:  What is clutter?


Merriam-Webster describes the full definition of clutter as:

  1. intransitive verb

  2. :  to run in disorder

  3. transitive verb

  4. :  to fill or cover with scattered or disordered things that impede movement or reduce effectiveness

Is there any professional organization anywhere that would embrace clutter as a worthwhile goal?  Not likely!  But in today’s information-driven environment, clutter means something more challenging than simply a messy workplace.  Clutter means information disorganization—and with today’s digital information, the clutter isn’t obvious to the eye.

Think about all the information your organization utilizes on a daily basis.  Documents.  Emails.  Voicemail.  Paper records.  Texts.  Tweets.  Customer database & analytics.  Accounts receivable & payable.  All the information you depend upon to do your job—to make better decisions.

Think about the number of times you need to find & access different documents each day in order to utilize that data to serve your clientele.  Chances are, unless you’ve addressed the ‘clutter bug,’ that data is in different locations, accessed differently each time when needed, and is not managed as effectively as possible.

Clutter creeps in with each and every piece of data added across your organization. Each day, you and your organization must waste lots of time searching for the information you need. You know it’s there… somewhere.

You may still rely on extensive paper documents.  You may have progressed towards scanning and electronic repository for records—but still face challenges in finding particular data.  Perhaps you access information on your computer network in various drives and realize the difficulty of simply finding the document you need—and ensuring you get the most recent version of that document.

Adding to the complexity of the equation is the fact that work has changed.  Employees expect a more nimble work environment with which to respond to customers who have mobile technology.  Your customers are becoming more and more used to interacting while ‘on the go,’ and expect your employees to be able to respond to their needs in like manner.

Data is business currency—your lifeblood.  Give yourself a competitive advantage that allows more efficient access and ability to use your vital data.

Technology available today from 5i Solutions Inc. will help you “Kill the Clutter Bug.” 

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