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With e-discovery and document review becoming more and more significant in businesses throughout the Miami area, 5i Solutions, Inc. has a remarkable system that enhances productivity and minimizes additional expenses. XERA, presented by 5i Solutions, Inc., is a thorough platform that provides litigation review as well as production solution. Established in HTML5, the XERA platform utilizes information gathered from how you use the internet, your smartphone and your personal tablet to produce technology that is accurate and valuable.

With an extensive variety of features due to XERA’s Advanced Analytics, legal teams are able to implement consistent analysis directly within the review tool itself.

Why 5i Solutions E-Discovery Services?

One key component of this software is the Keyword Reporting – which is a major factor in any document review already. The ability to retrieve this information as quickly and as efficiently as possible is one the leading steps to success for document review.

In order to expand the value of your data, XERA has a feature called iVIEW. iVIEW has a number of segments that allow for better productivity in document review for businesses. These include the ability to determine key aspects regarding your data, review coding and batch review activity – leading to the capability to accurately and efficiently measure project status.

With components such as Comments, Tasks and Messages, XERA provides accurate results and the ability to promptly code all related documents, as well as enhance native file and image review.

XERA has been proven to assist in decreasing search time, increasing quality and reducing overall costs.

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