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Litigation and discovery requests for Miami businesses have the tendency to throw your staff into crisis mode, and can put a ton of pressure on your employees to quickly locate all potentially active electronic documentation to prepare for this type of situation.

This is why it is vital to have a system that can help you come up with a plan of action when facing the possibility of litigation or when you must respond to a discovery request. An early assessment of data that may be considered evidence is an ideal solution to help prepare you for litigation cases.

5i Solutions, Inc. provides their Early Evidence Assessment SM to assist legal departments by analyzing a sample of the data collection. This early assessment assists legal teams to:

  • Assure data is being correctly retained and follows the litigation hold process
  • Single out roadblocks or accelerators for settlement
  • Evaluate exposure and the scope of discovery
  • With important cases, support decisions made
  • Promote an appropriate approach if litigation becomes certain
  • 5i Solutions, Inc.’s Early Evidence Assessment Service

5i Solutions provides early assessments for litigation cases by, first, compiling data that is live from five custodians. Then, we work together with you to determine a sample that best represents your total data collection. We also prepare instructions for you on how to collect that sample, as well as a hard drive for means of transporting the data.

Once the data is received, our Discovery Management Services team carries out an analysis of your company’s documents and arranges for a meeting with your team to debrief you on the results. Containing both quantitative and qualitative data, this report will give you support for your decision-making processes for any given matter.

Particular quantitative analysis includes:

  • Overall number of items and categorizing based on the file type
  • Depicting the custodians along with their contact patterns, known as Evidence Network Analysis
  • Complete number of emails with the percentage of attachments as well
  • Email maintenance trends for before and after the litigation hold
  • Information on the quantity of documents and the mentions for each, known as Search Term Analysis

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