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At 5i Solutions, Inc., we offer M-Files QMS, an efficient and simple to use document management system that is compliant to the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. M-Files QMS proves to be beneficial to increasing business productivity and minimizing third-party and internal costs for Miami-based companies.

One major component of this system is that it covers several trial-related procedures, with all documents linked together in a relevant way. We also keep our M-Files QMS system up-to-date accordingly, lessening the expensive costs of customization and adjusting to new software.

For Miami-based companies using M-Files QMS, all of your trial activities and tasks are precisely correlated with all documents produced. This allows you to see all of the relevant documents in an easy-to-use manner that is organized and enhances productivity.

Document Management Benefits

Our system saves time, energy and resources by allowing one to save all review work in the M-Files system from the very first draft through to the finalized copy. In addition, our system provides the ability for electronic signatures, saving costly expenses of using a third-party software system typically used for finalizing documents with signatures.

The ability to tailor M-Files QMS without any programming is one of the most valuable aspects of the system as it also avoids violating the the 21 CFR Part 11 compliance law. This also allows for meeting trial-specific needs for your business.

If you are looking to enhance your business’s productivity, eliminate additional expenses, and increase document retrieval and accuracy for your business located in the Miami area, let 5i Solutions, Inc. assist with our successful document management system.

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