Think about the Olympics.  Athletes, fans, and media from around the globe gathered for the biggest sporting event in the world.  And it’s more than sports.  Rio 2016 is a showcase for the very best— including some of the most innovative and advanced technology ever seen on the planet.  



Underwater Robots

For instance, Al Bello is a Getty Images-affiliated veteran of 11 Olympic Games, specializing in photographs of swimming, diving, and synchronized diving events.   This summer in Rio, underwater robots are helping him capture just the right shots.

“A robotic camera lets you zoom in, tilt, spin or get multiple angles,” said Bello.  “I’m doing a lot more photos now in a lot less time.”



Wearables for Pay-on-the-Go

Some 3,000 athletes, artists, and journalists have been equipped with wearable technology through Visa and Brazilian bank Bradesco.  The bracelets are powered by Near Field Communications (NFC)  and allow ‘contactless’ payment—without a PIN— at more than 4,000 terminals at Olympic venues.


High-Tech Security Balloons

And while the world is watching the Olympics, an $8 million balloon-based security system will be monitoring everything from above.  Four balloons carry cameras that take three photos per second.  This allows coverage of the entire area at once.  The sky-high cameras also link up with ground-based security cameras to help law enforcement zero in on any potential threats or suspicious activity.  


The Games and the Cloud

olympics-data-management-solutions-3For the first time ever, key aspects of the Olympics like credential management and coordination of volunteer activities are being managed through cloud portals.   What’s more, the spectator experience is being enhanced with cloud technology, as in the archery competitions.  There’s not only a new system to electronically identify the arrow’s impact on the target to within 0.2mm, but also cloud-based technology to track the archer’s biometrics on their personal devices.

Perhaps most importantly for athletes– whose biggest fear can be falling victim to a last-minute injury that could have been prevented—cloud technology allows doctors to help prevent injuries.  At the Rio games, health records are assembled and moved into the cloud, serving as the official medical blueprint for healthy contestants.  

It only makes sense.  No pallets of paper shipped from around the world, and no cumbersome searches needed to monitor athlete’s health.  All medical posts and the central clinic in the Olympic village are cloud-equipped, and doctors can therefore deliver more complex and specialized care more quickly.   

“Our goal with electronic medical records,” said Bill Moreau, USOC Managing Director of Sports Medicine, “is helping to ensure that athletes can deliver their best performance at the right time.”



Just as athletes break records each time at the Olympics, so does the technology improve too.  The technology partners for the 2016 Olympics view the current innovations as all part of a move towards an entirely cloud-based model for the next Olympic Summer Games competition in 2020.  


The Olympics is truly the essence of competition, and the 2016 Olympic Games have embraced technology like never before.  It helps the athletes to compete, the spectators to enjoy, and the media to bring it all to you.

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