The 5i family has grown over the years.

Our HQ is in Fort Lauderdale, and we have production facilities there and in Indianapolis. More recently, we’ve branched out to locations in Tampa, Montgomery, and li’l ole’ Oak Ridge, Tennessee. We’re even in Ontario, Canada!

Virtual reality IS our reality

we protect networks without ever setting foot in a building. We telecommute, connect customers to their own private clouds, and keep our tech up-to-date and cutting edge.

But we haven’t lost touch with physical reality.

We have real live people onsite with clients to create solutions, believe a friendly game of corn hole clears minds and builds teams, and give back to our employees and communities with activities like FitBit challenges and charity fun-runs.

Although we’re not sure if they’re called “pitch-ins”, “potlucks”, or “carry-ins”;

Collaborative efforts like Cookie Day and Bring Your Hot Wings to Work Day are popular around here. After all, chicken is brainfood (amirite?), and there’s nothing like a cookie to fuel creative ideas and powerful solutions.

Feel like clearing your mind with a little corn hole?

Come visit our booth at the next convention. Just be sure to bring your competitive spirit, your document management challenges, and your need for that mix between tech and people that can make our team part of your team.