Region Of Waterloo Case Study: Making meetings with streaming video
Like many government entities, the Region of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada felt pressure to better serve and engage the public they serve, adhere to compliance policies, and create a greater transparency.

Municipality Keeps Constituents Engaged with Streaming & On-Demand Meeting Video
We invite you to read a short case study, which explains how the Region of Waterloo adopted a Streaming & On-Demand Meeting Video service, to:

  • Increase constituent engagement
  • Maximize information reuse, and increase visibility of the Regions activity
  •  Offer an On-Demand service, so residents who were not able to attend meetings could stay involved on their schedule
  •  Broadcast to a wide audience without letting the large geography they serve be a hindrance
  • Adhere to strict records and retention policies
  •  Improve the flow of information throughout cities and townships served