888-462-0044 Inc. (NYSE: CRM)  is a cloud computing company based in San Francisco, California. It has become highly successful in the customer relationship management (CRM) software arena; Salesforce software helps companies to manage the tasks, relationships, and ‘buying funnel’ of new and existing customers.  

How successful?  Salesforce is currently the largest American cloud computing company, with a market cap of $61.85 billion. And it reached that lofty pinnacle after only 18 years— Salesforce was brought to market way back in 1999—as the first successful software CRM solution.  

And speaking of lofty pinnacles, height is going to have a lot to do with why very soon a lot more people are going to know about Salesforce– even if they are not in the industry.  That’s because the concrete for the top floor of the Salesforce Tower was recently laid in San Francisco, and the 61-story building—scheduled to open in July—will be the tallest building in the city.

Not only that, but a nine-story electronic sculpture by famed Bay Area artist  Jim Campbell will emanate from the top.  The sculpture will feature four separate but integrated lighting patterns according to plans unveiled Thursday before the San Francisco City Planning Commission.

Salesforce Tower rep Marissa Kraines talks about the construction of the tower, with views from the top of the City by the Bay:

When a business is successful enough to undertake an enterprise like this in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world, it’s worth looking at some of the aspects that helped them to get there.  And with Salesforce, there are a lot of contributing factors:

  • Terrific Product

Salesforce was the first Cloud-based CRM software solution, which means they have had lots of time to listen to customers and innovate over the years… and innovate they have.

  • Cloud-based for Flexibility and Speed

Salesforce sells software as a service, and cloud computing means it is cost effective to buy, to implement, and to use.  Salesforce is completely customizable, and changes can be pushed through the cloud for near instantaneous updates.

  • Salesforce App Exchange

Salesforce gives their customers access to business applications—thousands of them—to help their own specific needs.  All of the apps available are verified by Salesforce.   

  • Strong Community

Salesforce not only solicits customers to help solve problems but monitors social networks to ensure problems are known as well.  These communities allow an efficient means of giving customers inside information on how to use the software to be successful.  

A Salute to Success

5i Solutions salutes Salesforce.  Their adaptation of Cloud-based computing early on—before it was ‘even a thing,’ has given them a significant competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.  They are a highly successful technology company, built on helping any type of business that employs a, well… sales force.

The good news is, the cloud can do the same for your business.  And you don’t have to go at it alone– 5i Solutions can help.

5i Solutions brings Cloud Computing technology to your business.  Not only that, but 5i will tailor the technology to work with your current business needs, software programs, workflows and network infrastructure.

You can have a Cloud-based Document Management Solution that will give you the important data you need– instantly.   This complete access is balanced with security–your data protected and stored in the 5i Cloud Vault, with encryption, network security, access logs, penetration testing, key management, and more.

The Cloud means streamlined business processes and service redundancy to ensure your business stays in business all day, every day—all the time.  With necessary updates completed seamlessly in minutes—not days.

Best of all, Cloud-computing is so efficient, 5i Solutions can build a custom solution for you for less than you might think—with low upfront costs.  

5i Solutions.  One single, secure point of intake, access, and storage.  One singular solution.

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