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Fans of the 1960’s animated series Tennessee Tuxedo and Underdog may remember the animated short between episodes featuring the character Klondike Kat.    His nemesis was the cheese stealing mouse Savoir-Faire, whose constant declaration was that “Savoir-Faire is everywhere!”  Unfortunately for Klondike Kat, he was not only completely incompetent in executing his own duties, but also the suffered constant pressure to “Get that Mouse!” from his boss, Major Minor.

It was only a turn of good fortune—something would always happen in each episode completely by accident–  that allowed Klondike Kat to capture Savoir-Faire.   You can see more by visiting


One thing is for certain.

Utilizing the fickle finger of fate to determine the outcome of an animated series may make for good television.  But those of us in real life need more to count on for assurance that we’ll be able to deliver what is expected.  And the higher the stakes, the more that is needed to deliver.

Imagine running an airline.

Let’s say that your airline is in a relatively small country, one that shares a language with just over 4% of the world’s population.  Despite these challenges, you have built your airline into a hub-and-spoke network serving more than 140 international destinations all around the world, with more than 150 aircraft and employing more than 31,000 persons.  Much like Savoir-Faire, your airline really is everywhere—serving all six occupied continents.

And when you understand that Savoir-Faire is a French phrase that loosely translates into English words like ‘sophistication,’ ‘style,’ and/or ‘savvy,’ the comparison makes even more sense.  Because your airline is good.  Really, really good.

Skytrax certifies the highest 5-Star Airline Rating for your onboard product and service standards.  Your first and business classes are legendary, and your economy class has been named ‘Best in the World.’

So what airline is this?

It’s Qatar Airways.  And if you were indeed in charge of it, one thing you would know for certain– you didn’t get as good as you are by lacking in innovation.

So it’s no surprise that Qatar Airlines is into document management solutions in a big way.  And because Qatar Airways will literally go to the lengths of the world to maintain and enhance the quality of their experience, it’s also not really surprising that the company they selected to customize a system for their airline was based in Dublin, Ireland.  When it comes to technology these days, the location of your technology partner matters a lot less than what they can create for you.

Qatar Airlines’ customized AeroDocs platform solution delivers a simple, web-based approach to storage, distribution, smart sharing and data re-utilization.  This means real time visibility and control of distribution, allowing all staff to have the current version of all documents no matter where they are.


Simply stated, all areas of the business that need any kind of documentation will have it—flight operations, engineering, ground operations, in-flight services, cargo, HR, finance, and more.  And all of it secured and audited, meeting EASA, FAA, and QCAA regulations, plus adhering to IOSA Standards and Practices.

And there’s more.  If a small pun may be allowed, any important document may be changed ‘on the fly,’ and the new version available instantly.  This will enhance Qatar Airways ‘safety and security operations with longevity in mind… as it consistently attains double-digit growth, year on year.’ said Qatar Senior Vice President Ashish Jain.

If you are interested in giving your business the same type of Document Management solution that helps innovative top-tier companies like Qatar Airways continue to succeed, you should know about 5i Solutions, Inc.  5i can help you tame the paper pile-up, protect your vital data, and eliminate duplicate files.  You can ensure that you are always looking at the latest version of each and every document important to your business.   And thanks to the internet, you can do all this from anywhere in the world, including on your mobile device.

If you want to stand out in the world, you need savoir-faire.  You need world class service, delivered securely with lightning speed.  You need to find what you need, with no wasted time, redundancy, or cost.

And you don’t have to search the world to get it– 5i Solutions can help.

5i Solutions.  One single, secure point of intake, access, and storage.  One singular solution.

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