Accounts Receivable Automation

5i Solutions’ AR (Accounts Receivable) automation creates a better process for any size organization.:

How would you like to::

Achieve measurable efficiency gains in your Accounting department?
Get next-day access to funds that were previously unavailable due to paper check ‘float?’
Improve visibility into all steps of the AR process?
Government agencies
Dramatically increase your audit-readiness?

5i Solutions can custom tailor a solution for you, whether an end-to-end lockbox/AR automation service or simply addressing discreet pieces of your process.

By automating your document processing and using technology to intelligently classify incoming documents, we can reduce the number of manual tasks currently done by your accounting team. Shrink the time spent with pre-sorting and the errors that come with it. Provide your team with the innovation needed to improve your business process and eliminate repetitive tasks.


Innovative Ideas for Intelligent Interaction with Information is what 5i means.

And what that means for you is:

Quicker Access to Funds: Your new automated system means digital versions of your checks can be deposited on the same day they are received
Regulatory Compliance: Our extensive experience in highly regulated environments means we know how to handle your most sensitive information
Visibility: You’ll have on-demand access to all your data, including check images and correspondence, plus the ability to look at data aggregated by category.
Flexibility: Whatever your current workflows and business process, a custom-solution will be tailored to your unique needs.
Forensic collection and imaging

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), SEC and IRS compliance, improved efficiency, and a simplified process. 5i can even help you manage documents like invoices, receipts, purchase orders and budgets. 5i Solutions, Inc. has a simplified workflow and can automate your process to fit your Financial or Accounting document management concern.

If your business receives documents on hard paper, full-service document conversion and forms processing solutions are available—5i Solutions’ services can include scanning, indexing, forms processing, accounting record keeping and online hosted document repositories (ECM) also referred to as Enterprise Content Management. Our document management software can integrate with QuickBooks, Timberline, Sage 200 and more.

Your information can be hosted in the 5i Cloud Vault, with security as detailed and thorough as you need, or as simply delivered as scanning receipts/documents and returning to you on a thumb drive..

Let us Tailor A Solution For You

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