How much do you think your gaps in efficiency cost you every year?

With the right Document Management solution, you will eliminate countless hours of wasted staff time and finally get on the path to simple efficiency.

Manage Content, Not Paper:

5i Solutions Document Management software supports the flow of document-centric business processes for any type of organization.
Built in features that provide relationships to content, history audits, traceability and most of all – ease of use – provde an efficient workflow to the most critical aspects of your process.

Our cloud-based software provides the critical tools to help you adapt our document management application to your specific use cases quickly and easily.



The number one thing you need when you search for a document is the speed and efficiency of how you find it, everything else is waste, redundancy and cost!

The traditional way to find a paper document is to go to the filing cabinet look under a letter, flick through and then retrieve what you need. Sometimes it is there, sometimes it’s under another letter (misfiled), and then you skim through looking for the information you need.

The network folder way, would be click, click, click, on your mouse on the folders you want to get the document from. Sometimes it is in the folder, Sometimes multiple versions are there, Sometimes it is in a similar folder (e.g. Clients vs. Customers) or if you know the name of the document (sounds simple right?) you can click in the search box the name you think it is.

With our software it takes the Sometimes out of it, the whole document is searchable, words, numbers, everything. In addition when you save the document you can tag it with additional fields that make sense for your business, Project Name, Customer Name, Document Date, Invoice, Proposal, the list can be endless. Once you have tagged it, all the information attached to those tags now become searchable

What do you have? The absolute fastest way to find the document you are looking for, with no wasted time, redundancy or cost.


Did You Know?
  • 59% of 1,000 managers surveyed say they miss important information almost every day because it exists within the company, but they can’t find it. (Source: Accenture)

  • Users waste 30 minutes a day — or 16 days each year — searching for documents. (Source:

  • An efficient solution for conducting enterprise searches across all available internal content could improve staff productivity by an average of 30% (Source: AIIM)

Our document management software is used by 1,000’s of businesses in over 100 countries and 24 languages.


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