The Who, What, Where, When, & How Needed to Win Your Case

Identify.  Preserve.  Collect.  Process.  Review.  Production.  At each step of the  electronic Discovery process, 5i Solutions provides the technology needed to win your case.

Cutting-edge Case Data Identification, Preservation, and Collection

In the past, electronic documents were opened electronically, printed to hard copy, Bates numbered (if required), scanned, and coded. Besides being time consuming, this process was subject to human error. Now, electronic data is automatically extracted

E to E (electronic to electronic) document conversion
Documents retrieval from different servers, hard drives, and depositories
All data gathered in a coherent retrieval system
Photos, video, databases, IM chats
Raw data in ‘native’ format ingestion
PDF files or TIFF images

Superior Legal Insight from Data Processing and Review

From early case assessment, to pinpointing Custodians and inventory data, to investigation, examination, and possible redaction of contents, through analytical review, 5i Solutions eDiscovery technology harnesses the power of your legal team. No matter how large the litigation document collection, advanced analytics combined with linear review allows your team to get to the facts of a case quickly and develop a case strategy by digital driven analysis of…

Email threading
Concept & keyword search
Similar Document Search
Data Clustering
Preservation of metadata
Dedupe, filter, and search to pinpoint crucial data
Identification of relevant documents

5i Solutions offers full-service case-management, litigation support, imaging and hosted retrieval systems or legal-based document management system. Scalable from a single lawyer practice to any size legal enterprise. Document solutions for any type of litigation:

Law firms
Corporate legal departments
Fortune 500 Corporations
Government agencies
Medical Firms

Document Efficiency to Revolutionize Your Legal Team

5i Solutions allows your team to do a complete examination of all case documents, so you can gain early insight into your case. No waiting days for processing; no unwanted documents or data. Then review and manage electronic and document discovery from anywhere in the world!:

Access case documents via a network or web browser.
Create and assign batches of documents to reviewers.
Enhance collaboration between outside counsel, branch offices, and consultants
Generate images with hundreds of format options
Create custom reports and output
Integrates with your current systems (CRM, ERP, Windows, etc.)

Production Streamlined

When the time comes for turning over documents to opposing counsel, the work has already been done: relevant data has been captured and coded with links between corresponding records, images, etc. That means the load file with all case related materials will be easy to create. For this reason, 5i Solutions highly recommends the conversion of files to TIF or PDF images wait until the files are actually needed for production. This will ensure consistency and save money. Production files can be:

Native file format
With or without embedded text
Text reflecting redactions with or without new Bates numbers
With or without case-specific or production specific legends and watermarks
With or without new page numbers:

EDiscovery and Litigation Support

5i Solutions helps your firm through the entire process of identifying, preserving, collecting, processing, and reviewing relevant case data.

Bates Numbering (manual and electronic)
eMail Conversion
Forensic collection and imaging
Complete audit trail
paralegal and production support
On site or online hosted document repository


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