5i Solutions is an industry leader in processing forms of all types and formats. Using the latest software solutions for the automated extraction of data and text, 5i Solutions provides an extensive range of forms processing services to clients.  Whether a client is processing human resources forms, credit applications, customer orders, medical billing or insurance claims in paper or electronic format, 5i Solutions is well-equipped to help.

A ccording to statistics compiled by the Association for Information and Image Management, more than $60 billion is spent printing paper forms annually, with more than $360 billion spent processing those forms. Surprisingly, many businesses still rely on an antiquated method of harvesting information from forms: manual processing.

Increased competition and the demand for instant information, the business that manually processes forms now faces a critical choice: automation or obsolescence.


Customized or standardized forms are initially scanned or faxed to capture the images. A zonal Optical character recognition, (usually abbreviated to OCR ) can be used on all typed or computer generated data so it is efficiently pulled from the document during scan or ingestion. As part of 5i’s Quality Control approach, the document is still QC’ed to ensure accuracy, even with an accuracy percent in the high 90’s.  The images are then processed through a highly sophisticated recognition program that automatically extracts all required data elements and, upon quality assurance authorization, populates the appropriate databases. The images and data are then stored in a retrieval system hosted by 5i Solutions or on the clients’ servers.

Forms can be shipped in bulk to one of 5i Solutions’ processing facilities for capture or faxed from remote sites worldwide; the content can be captured when and where they are filled out.

5i Solutions’ Technology

  • Ensures accuracy
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Accelerates form and document-based business processes
  • Complies with government and industry regulations


Automated forms processing can

  • Extract hand- or type-written data
  • Index fielded documents automatically with no data entry
  • Utilize intelligent character recognition to determine choice made by users
  • Determine presence of signatures
  • Do math
  • Perform complex functions against “foreign” data sets to automatically manage business processes
  • Interface with accounting, human resources and other mission-critical systems