Big Data and Information Governance

5i Solutions approach to Litigation Support is to tackle the root cause of “Big Data” or Organizations “Unstructured Data”. Once you have achieved this, the e-Discovery process can become more defined, less intrusive and most importantly reduce the amount of data needed for Hold, Collection, Review and Production. This approach however, like e-Discovery is still relatively in its infancy, mainly because of the leaps society has made in the last decade in creating, sharing and using electronic data. This Division of 5i Solutions provides all the tasks needed to take a case from initial collection of documents through document production. This is done, using our 5-Modular approach (available as an On-Site or Cloud solutions). These modules can be used as one complete solution, independently of each other or in a variety of combinations to align with your business needs. The Modules include but are not always limited to:

Enterprise Content Management

The biggest challenge organizations face with e-Discovery is the Data that they need to discover for a litigation matter is unstructured. Addressing this up front increases the efficiency of the E-Discovery process with a much more refined collection at a lower overall cost. 5i Solutions first step is to implement an Enterprise Content Management system that integrates with your organizations other Systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, Windows Suite of Products, etc.). This immediately reduces the cost, time and complexity of an e-Discovery request moving forward.

This step has to be a proactive one, or a business choice an organization makes after a litigation matter has been settled. Organizations will continue to deal with structured and unstructured data for litigation matters. With 5i’s solution however, organizations can address the “now” of Big Data but also scale down as they approach the desired state of Information Governance with this module.

Legal Hold

When an organization is made aware of a pending Litigation matter, it is their duty to preserve any and all information pertinent to that matter. The solution provides a simple approach to issue and manage legal hold notifications and custodian acknowledgments. You can assure best practices for quickly sending a hold that fulfills a “good faith” and timely approach while documenting your preservation efforts.

Custodian notification and compliance is automatically recorded with a time stamp for a complete, defensible audit trail. Reissuing a hold on a regular basis can be accomplished in seconds, and identifying lack of acknowledgments and taking action to resolve issues is more manageable. When it is time to produce a record, you can do so with one click.

The Legal Hold management role is one of several built-in permission models in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. This in some cases can fulfil the Legal Hold requirements of an organization that already utilizes the Microsoft suite of products (Free Tip).

Early Case/Date Assessments (ECA/EDA):

In the initial stages of Litigation, it is imperative for attorneys to get to the facts of the case rapidly in order to develop case strategy, gain a preliminary estimate of litigation expenses, and better prepare for Meet and Confers. This is an important step for organizations that have a wealth of unstructured data to significantly reduce the size of a collection. This will give Law Firms, Corporate and Government Legal Departments, quick access to the essential facts of a case, allowing legal teams to answer important questions such as:

  • Who are the main custodians, terms, and date ranges we should include in our eDiscovery plan?
  • What is the total scope of the data collection?
  • What expenditures would be associated with that scope of data? 

Document and Data Collection

Document Collection (Hardcopy): After you have efficiently identified where, who and what data you need to be collecting and where it will be stored and accessed from, now it is important it gets there. It needs to be correctly identified, indexed, and easily searchable. With5i’s production facilities or onsite collection services our team offers timely expert processing of your hard copy documents. Our project management and production teams work with you to meet an agreed upon schedule to ensure all your paper documents are scanned, imaged and have gone through 5i Solutions multi-level quality control process.

eDiscovery: Now that the forensic collection is complete all the different file types need to be captured and identified with the metadata intact to be processed for upload into 5i‘s document review software solution. These can be processed as native files or tiff images and will be quality checked at every step by the 5i Production Team.  5i’s Project Management team will work with you to determine the best solutions for your case depending on all the variables, we understand that no one case is the same and all Law Firms, Corporate and Government Legal Departments have their own unique processes and procedures that need to be worked with or adhered too.

Forensic Collection:  Do you also need to collect that information from hard drives (Sometimes personal and professional), Servers, Mobile Devices, Tapes/CD’s, Email Servers, 3rd Party Software’s. 5i’s forensic collection team will work discreetly, sensitively and thoroughly with your clients, employees, vendors, court

Document Review

All the production documents have been processed and assured for quality, this is where 5i’s Paralegal team can sort, folder and run searches to assist in the case preparation. 5i’s Project Management team will help determine the right Document Review Software Solution for you, your legal team or outside counsel. All our software offerings come with 24/7 customer support,dedicated project management, technical support, training and state of the art infrastructure.

Your case managers can setup a dashboard and run reports so they can easily track the case progress and make sure they stay on task or adjust if needed. 5i’s software solution is built on modern architecture using cutting edge review techniques. It is straight forward to use so even the modest of computer user can easily navigate within it, increasing project efficiency.