5i Solutions privates unparalleled private cloud service to clients.

By allowing 5i to host your vital data, your organization enjoys the benefit of top of the line infrastructure and protection at a price that reflects the efficiencies of buying in scale.

Virtualization Shares Resources, Increases Efficiency

5i Solutions allows you the benefits provided by pooling computing resources yet dedicating an exclusive hardware allocation to each user. This virtualization allows for private data compartmentalized in a single physical server. This sharing of resources provides efficiency and savings for our clients.

Think of it like owning a really high-quality hotel. Problem is, it has only one single, giant suite. This suite is really top-notch—but is so big that most of the space goes unused. And when you do rent it out, there may be only one person in there. It’s extremely rare for a big group of 10 people to rent the place and fully use up the available space. Most simply don’t need that much space.

So instead of wasting all that space and valuable resources, you split the building up into smaller units that are better matched to guests’ needs.

Your hotel guests get the space they actually need without having to pay for the entire hotel!

Storage Area Network (SAN) Provides Better Protection

With 5i solutions connecting a SAN to a private cloud, true redundancy is created. More than a simple backup, this redundancy allows us to automatically shift server resources between servers seamlessly. A server can be shut down without causing downtime. Routine maintenance, adding RAM, replacing a hard drive, upgrading software—it all happens in the background, with no downtime for you.

Further protecting you from potential disaster is 5i’s ability to have another SAN in a separate data center. This allows 5i to perform “SAN to SAN replication” is capable of full recovery in a short period of time—even for a hot site disaster.

5i Solutions Offers Best of Both Worlds

With 5i’s cloud service, you get improved uptime and reliability. You get proper physical security, as well as network security. Top-line anti-virus and firewall protection. Complete redundancy. And better flexibility—with storage size custom-designed to your dynamic needs. 5i can create a server on request. Need more disk space? More RAM? More CPU? No problem. With private cloud computing, 5i can reallocate resources and you have no more worries about finding a physical server that will have the resources you need.

Your data is precious. 5i treats it that way—while bringing you economy of scale.