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The information business is very technical and has lots of jargon. 5i Solutions has provided the following as a way to learn more about this industry.

FAQs – M-Files

Is it cloud based?

M-Files are available as Cloud, On-Site or a Hybrid of the two.

Can I put it on my network?

Yes the M-Files server application can be installed on your network or a local desktop.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of using the cloud?

Many large corporations use Cloud based systems because with the rate technology is advancing, staying up to date not just from Hardware and Systems standpoint but an employee knowledge base as well, can be costly. Technology that is 3 years old can now sometimes be considered obsolete. The burden for a corporation is extensive so they contract a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider who takes on that responsibility. The disadvantage could be that a 3rd party or vendor is administrator of that application. This may mean a change in company disclosure on how data is stored which is an administrative adjustment. It comes down to company preference; some prefer outsourcing while others run the systems in house.

How secure is it?

Unlike the more restrictive traditional ECM systems that make use of antiquated security models based on folders, M-files uses “Permissions control” security which means that a document’s final access control settings are derived from its metadata. This is done so using a highly dynamic methodology which allows for changes to the Metadata to drive changes in document permissions. This architecture provides a way for client’s to manage access to confidential content.

Can I integrate it with outlook?

M-Files has 100% integration with all of Microsoft suite of Office products.

Can I link to my accounting system and other company software programs?

Linking bi-directionally to other systems including ERP, CRM, Accounting Software, etc. is an essential part of the efficiency. Although there are many prebuilt connectors this can sometimes require a custom connector.

Can I limit who has access based on their role or department? M-Files can be configured by user, department or a combination of both where user permissions are concerned. It uses the metadata filed structure to highlight this.

Can we us electronic signatures?

There is an E-Signature module for both electronic and digital signature, it also integrates with 3rd party signature programs that you may already use. The module is available standard with M-Files for compliance or as an add on for M-Files Standard.

What’s the difference between electronic and digital signature?

An electronic signature is an acknowledgment of acceptance by a person that they agree or approve of something. A digital signature is a more in depth acknowledgment that could involve time/date stamp, registration of the ip address, user login credentials, and ISP account name.

What’s the difference between version control and redlining (or track changes in Word)? Can I add paper documents to system? If yes, how do I do that?

Yes, this can be done using scanning or by taking a picture of a document. It can be done using OCR technology, manual indexing and coding/tagging. It is not restrictive of the type of hardware scanner you use.


Is there a minimum size requirement to use XERA?

No, the size of a case put into XERA depends on the Client and their definition of what is an overwhelming amount of documents to review and their budget. Many Clients find that the flexible analytics provided by XERA actually streamline and reduces the attorney review time therefore making XERA an affordable option for review.

How do I get documents into review tool?

5i Solutions, Inc. will assist you in reviewing your document collection and provide tools to accommodate the importing of documents. If you have a hardcopy collection of documents, we can provide scanning and coding services. If you have an electronic document collection, we can provide electronic discovery tools that will allow for importing of native file, tiff file or a combination of both.

Does the review tool offer email threading?

Yes, XERA’s advanced analytics provides the functionality to group and review emails by message threads and sort by inclusive emails to speed reviews.

Does the system show near duplication in documents?

Yes, XERA’s advanced analytics provides the functionality to group and review multiple document versions for consistent coding.

Can I load and review files in their native format?

Yes, 5i Solutions, Inc., provides electronic discovery processing to accommodate the loading of native files. Once loaded into the system, XERA renders a quick view of the document for viewing and/or you can click on a link that will open it in its native program. Should you wish to perform redactions on the native files, XERA provides a quick tiff on the fly process to accommodate redactions.

Does Xera handle foreign documents?

Yes, XERA is “international project ready” meaning the system has built-in languages that enable users to work with XERA in their own language, including Russian, Japanese and German. Users can search, view and code international documents in any language.

Can I do conceptual searching in Xera?

Yes, Xera’s Advanced Analytics provide many different searching options including retrieving conceptually similar documents. You can also create a custom find similar by creating a “perfect document” to act as a model or “exemplar”.

Can I control user access by fields or review batches?

Yes, you can limit users to specific fields, batches, documents or workflow.

Can I use my tablet to view XERA?

Yes, Xera does work with tablets including iPad®, Android and Windows tablets.

Information to Help Users

How Much Is in There? – Bytes Chart How much is in what size drive?
DVD Sizes Different sizes of DVDs
Document Relationships A visual explanation of unitizations and relationships between multiple document
Complex Litigation Support Workflow Hard copy paper conversion for litigation support
Document Conditions Hard copy paper conditions that impact conversion projects
Meet and Confer Questions to Consider before a Meet and Confer!

Industry Information

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model
The Sedona Conference
Association of Records Managers and Administrators
Association of Information and Image Management


National Bar Association

Electronic Legal Publications

National Law Journal
FindLaw (full text search for legal e-publications)

Law Library Information Centers

Cornell Univeristy Legal Information Institute
Indiana University Law Library –

Federal Government Information

United States Department of Justice
United States Department of Jutice: Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section
United States Supreme Court Decisions (since 1991) – telnet://
World News Connection
DOJ: Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Court Information
Federal Judicial Center
Internal Revenue Service
Thomas – Library of Congress

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