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5i Solutions, Inc. has the perfect solution for all of your company’s document management needs within the West Palm Beach area. M-Files QMS provides an efficient and user-friendly approach for managing and organizing your Trial Master Files and other forms of documentation. The key concept behind this system is that it is able to cover multiple trial-related processes, systems and databases, associating items in an appropriate way.

Providing an effective document repository in a single system, M-Files is set up to immediately allocate documents in the proper places upon saving. This allows a company to work within the M-Files system from the very first draft all the way through the final copy.

5i Document Management Features

With a variety of features, M-Files proves to be a successful system that assists in decreasing costs and increasing productivity. Two of the features, The M-Files Dynamic Views and the M-Files Reporting capabilities, handle the essential trial overview. The M-Files Calendar is useful in managing and monitoring meetings, deadlines, visits, and overviews of trial actions. In addition, saving to the M-Files’ M: drive is ideal for day-to-day document tasks.

The M-Files system will contribute many benefits to your West Palm Beach business. One added benefit is the ability to finalize documents with digital signatures, and these signatures are able to be customized depending on the document in question. M-Files eSigning component, therefore, completely eliminates the costs of using third-party software to finalize documents.

5i Solutions, Inc. M-Files system will save you time, money and resources when it comes to your West Palm Beach businesses.

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