eDiscovery SoftwareYour paralegal is a key factor in assembling nearly all of your important legal motions – but data processing eats away at your paralegal team and hinders strategic opportunities for your firm during every new case. The truth is, your paralegal teams are only human – and as such, need better tools to process the huge quantities of data, documents and paperwork that come into your office on an hourly basis. What if, for the cost of a secretary that’s taxable as an office expense, you could save hours of your current teams’ work?

Your paralegal needs that secretary. Forget “hiring” the unpaid intern that takes an entire week to learn how to use the copier. Stop wasting their time (AKA your money) with the minimum wage law student that must be trained to analyze every new affidavit, has no idea where to file a continuance, and thinks a request for admission is what he used to apply to Harvard. The secretary your paralegal needs must be able to sort and prepare documents to 100% accuracy, so that your paralegal teams can stay on task, with top quality, for your next motion deadline, settlement or court appearance.

Xera can turn your law firm into that well-oiled machine, enabling your paralegals to get back to their actual jobs.

What is Xera?

Xera is for Document Review – in fact, it is the ideal document review software. It was built for big data – enabling your team of paralegals to improve their productivity and ability to work together, and it is remotely accessible. On the way to court? Access your information on the go. Sending your paralegal to pick up new case work? He can still review the old ones while waiting. Document review from Xera provides:

  • Intuitive Interface – find more data quicker with XERA’s intuitive interface
  • Streamlined Collaboration – communicate more fluently with advanced collaboration
  • Remote Accessibility – access XERA from any browser to get projects done
  • HTML5 Multi-Platform / Browser Compatibility – HTML5 technology enables review on any platform or browser
  • Expansive Scalability – get unlimited scalability in excess of 12tb with XERA
  • Multi-Language Compatible – conduct reviews worldwide with multi-language support

How will your paralegals’ lives change?

  • Eliminate import/export time
  • Decrease search time
  • Increase quality
  • Increase review accuracy
  • Minimize overall review costs
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Advanced analytics seamlessly within review

Xera has unique proprietary technology that allows documents to be filed, sorted, and recognized. This goes above and beyond the challenges of human error. Document loss and filing failure will no longer slow down your firm.

  • Xmplar “Custom Find Similar” – iCONECT’s patent-pending technology enables users to collaboratively create a customized “perfect document” to act as a model or “exemplar”
  • Intelligent Batching – Enables users to create review batches based on conceptual clusters to generate more precise document coding while streamlining the entire review process
  • Find and batch tag near-duplicate documents
  • Review e-mails by message threads for context and bulk-tagging
  • Find related documents that share common fields
  • Retrieve conceptually similar documents as you review content
  • Provides users with more control over conceptual search
  • Results in fewer false positives and more specific search results

Xera is the solution. Stop wasting your paralegals’ time, effort and human error on data processing. It’s not their job. Hire Xera. It doesn’t need health care, will work free overtime, and never needs a day off. The best part? It will make everyone’s lives easier – including yours. Good news: the long, weighty discovery process just got easier. Contact 5i Solutions to discover how this solution can be implemented quickly and efficiently in your firm today.

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