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5i Solutions, Inc. Document Management Services

How are you controlling and managing your critical documents?

5i Solutions provides tools and solutions for digitizing, processing and managing documents for multiple markets. We understand that each market has its own requirements and needs. One thing remains constant throughout: the security and management of your company’s documents. Our solutions offer peace of mind security, access-controlled privileges, “from anywhere” access and workflow functionality based on your market needs.


With the right Document Management solution, you will eliminate countless hours of wasted staff time and finally get on the path to simple efficiency.

Document Imaging is an innovative technology that allows you to take your critical company documents (electronic or paper) and allow your employees to intelligently interact with the information within them.

5i Solutions Litigation Support Division provides all the tasks needed to take a case from initial collection of documents through document production.

5i Solutions understands the full spectrum of electronic discovery and computer forensics — from capturing data all the way through to presentation of evidence.

5i Solutions provides everything needed: technical support, equipment, systems administration, backup, security, and redundant storage services.

At 5i Solutions, we use the latest software solutions for the automated extraction of data and text, and provide an extensive range of forms processing services to clients.

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